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How do we start?

During the first sessions, I will try to help you to put into words the suffering that brings you to consultation. If you come in an emergency/very difficult situation, the psychoanalyst will give you support in order to decrease your pain.

What is the treatment like?

Little by little, the words that one uses about oneself produce surprises and this discovery helps to alleviate pain

What is a session like?

Jacques-Alain Miller (founder of the World Association of Psychoanalysis) says that in a session "we abstract ourselves from any evaluation of direct utility (...) A session is extracted from the course of existence to formulate what we can when we are suffocated, freeing an hour to manage to speak before the rhythm of existence catches up with us again (...) In each session there is trust in indirect utility. In this sense, a session of analysis is always an effort of poetry, a space of poetry that the subject reserves for him or herself in the midst of an existence, his/her own, which is determined, governed, by direct utility.  Now, what does poetry mean? It is not a matter of talent. In a session, it means that I do not concern myself with accuracy, that I do not concern myself with the concordance of what I say with what others believe, nor with what I can transmit to them (....) In a session, we can concentrate on what is proper to us, and we come to say it alone, to say it through language - which already implies sharing it." 

(An effort of poetry, Paidos, 2016)

What effects does it have?

Psychoanalysis has therapeutic effects of conditioning and relief, to the exact extent that it recognizes the uniqueness of each person's desire. However, this is achieved not by the analysand's adaption to a norm, to what is supposed to be normal; but rather by authorizing his/her desire in its constitutional deviation. A person goes to therapy with his/her complaint, with his/her shame in relation to his/her suffering, with his/her discomfort. The therapeutic effects of the treatment do not consist in leading this deviation of desire to what is supposed to be normal, but rather in authorizing it, when it is based on something authentic.

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